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Miners Move 9,000 BTC, Quantum Computing Advances: The Bitcoin.com Weekly Update

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Watch the latest Bitcoin.com Weekly Update where we touch on Wirecard filing for insolvency, what impact advancements in quantum computing will have Bitcoin, miners selling 9,000 BTC and the potential effect on price. Also, be sure to follow twitter.com/maplesyrupsuckr to take part in his MIST Token giveaway.


1:03 Wirecard $2 billion scandal update

2:45 Bitcoin price dump: miners start selling 9,000 BTC

4:05 Will quantum computers break bitcoin?

6:25 New Zealand police seize $91 million from Russian Bitcoin exchange

7:47 Satoshi Nakamoto kidnapped, tortured by NSA in new movie 'Decrypted'

9:43 The first mineable SLP Token implementation launched on Bitcoin Cash

13:03 SEC shakeup has the crypto industry hopeful for Bitcoin ETF approval

15:10 Setup your own crypto exchange on your Wordpress website

17:27 The Bitcoin.com Exchange Referral Program has launched

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